Elementary Spanish/Past Education/Talking with your children

Goals Edit

Vocabulary Edit

first Primero
Second Segundo
Third Tercero
Fourth Cuarto
Fifth Quinto
Sixth Sexto
Seventh Séptimo
Eighth Octavo
Ninth Noveno
Tenth Décimo
Eleventh Undécimo
Twelfth Duodécimo
Science Ciencia
Social studies Estudios sociales
Math Matemática
Literature Lectura/ literatura
Metacognition Metacognición

Possible questions to ask your child while reviewing their notebook Edit

What did you learn in___? ¿Qué aprendiste en ____?
What does ___ mean? ¿Qué significa ____?
How did you ____? ¿Cómo hiciste _____?
Show me how you did ____ in class. Enséñame como hiciste ____ en clase.

Practice with these terms in this interactive exercise:Question practice activity

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