Elementary Spanish/Birthday party

Goals edit

By the end of this lesson, you should know key vocabulary words for birthday parties.

Lesson edit

Let's begin with some vocabulary building excercises.

Exercise 1: Picture matching edit

Picture match activity

This is an interactive lesson where your goal is to select the picture that matches the phrase at the top of the screen. If you click on the wrong picture it will gray out and you can click again to choose another picture. If you want to start the lesson over just reload the page.

Exercise 2: Audio lesson edit

Audio lesson activity

This is an audio lesson. You can either listen online and read the transcript as you go, or you can download the lesson and listen to it on your phone or music player.

Exercise 3: Example dialogue edit

Synopsis edit

In the following scene, a mom lets her daughter know what she will do on her birthday.

Dialogue edit

mamá: ¡Hoy es tu cumpleaños! Feliz cumpleaños.

hija: Gracias, mamá. ¿Vamos a tener una fiesta?

mamá: Si. También vamos a tener un pastel con velas.

hija: ¿Tengo que soplar la lumbre?

mamá: Tienes que soplar la lumbre de las velas, cortar el pastel y quebrar la piñata.

hija: Y comer muchos dulces, también, ¿verdad?

mamá: Si. Es tu cumpleaños.

Vocabulary words edit

  • cake - pastel
  • candles - velas
  • piñata - piñata
  • fire - lumbre
  • birthday - cumpleaños
  • candy - dulces
  • party - fiesta
  • break - quebrar
  • cut - cortar
  • blow - soplar