Elementary School Mathematics

This textbook is meant for adults who need a quick review of elementary school mathematics.

Table of Contents

Number System and Place Value
The number system is made of lots of parts because there are many types of numbers. We will discuss other types in number theory but now, we are going to talk about rational numbers, real numbers and irrational numbers and their subgroups.
Number Operations
There are four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In this chapter, we will discuss these operations with both whole numbers, fractions and decimals.
Number Theory
In this chapter, we will discuss types of number of the rational, real and irrational and their subgroups. We will also learn about properties of numbers such as divisibility, factors, multiples, exponents, prime factors and prime factorisation, square roots and basic set theory.
Introduction to Algebra
In this chapter, we will apply what we learnt in the chapter number operations into the area of math called algebra, the area of math which involves unknowns.
In this chapter, we will discuss shapes and their properties, such as polygons, rays, line segments, angles, quadrilaterals and triangles.
Measurements (Customary and Metric)
We will discuss linear measurements of length, capacity, mass and time using both customary and metric measurements.
Measurements (Area and Volume)
We will discuss area and volumes of common shapes in this chapter.
Data Handling
We will represent data in various ways such as bar graphs, broken line graphs, pie charts or stem and leaf plots in this chapter.
We will discuss the mathematics of chance, using words or numbers.