Electronics Fundamentals/Integrated circuit/Operational Amplifier

Operational Amplifier or Op AmpEdit

An Operational amplifier is an Integrated circuit, which has a number of electronic components inside a single "chip" or package. Many of these devices are packaged in eight-pin packages, but there are also some devices which are provided in smaller or larger packages. There are also versions which contain multiple op amps in a single package. A typical example of the former is the extremely common 741, for which the specifications are shown below. An example of the latter type is the 324, which contains four op amp circuits in a single 14-pin package.


Pin Number Function
IC 741  
1 Null Offset
2 Inverted Voltage
3 Non-Inverted Voltage
4 Negative Voltage Source
5 Not Used
6 Output
7 Positive Voltage Source
8 Not Used

  • V+: (non-inverting input)
  • V: (inverting input)
  • Vout: (output
  • VS+: (positive power supply)
  • VS−: (negative power supply)


Operational Amplifier is used to amplify the difference of two input voltages.


Op Amp can also be used as Inverting or Non Invering Voltage Amplifier


Or as a Voltage Comparator of the two input voltages

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