Electronic Properties of Materials

As of its conception, this book is explicitly broken into three distinct sections. In the first section, Quantum Mechanics for Engineers, the fundamental concepts and mathematics needed for the engineer to operate within a quantum framework are presented. The second section, Band Theory of Solids, expands upon the quantum mechanical concepts from the first to explain bonding and the quantum electronic structure of solids. The final section, Electronic Properties, explains how the electronic properties of materials come from the electronic structure derived from quantum mechanics.

Table of Contents edit

Section 1: Quantum Mechanics for Engineers  (Sept 1, 2021) edit

Chapter 1: Quantum Mechanics Overview  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 2: The Stern-Gerlach Experiment  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 3: The Fundamental Postulates  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 4: Particle in a Box  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 5: Momentum Velocity and Position  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 6: Degeneracy  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 7: Hydrogen  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 8: Variational Methods  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 9: Perturbation Methods  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 10: Many Electron Atoms  (Sept 1, 2021)
Chapter 11: Density Functional Theory  (Sept 1, 2021)

Section 2: Band Theory of Solids edit

Section 3: Electronic Properties of Materials edit

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