This book uses a consistent notation for its equations. We will describe the symbols we use here, as well as other ways that those concepts are notated in other books.

: Gradient operator
2: Laplacian operator
: d'Alembertian operator
A: Area
A: Magnetic potential field
B: Magnetic field
c: Speed of light
E: Electric Field
Fe: Electric force vector
Fm: Magnetic force vector
F: Field Tensor
G: Magnetic Field Tensor
I: Current, in amperes
j: Electric current
j: Electric current density
k: Coulomb's Constant
K: Magnetic Constant
l: length
L: Lorentz transformation matrix
M: Magnetization field
n: Normal vector
φ: Electric potential function
r: Scalar distance
r, θ, z: Cylindrical coordinates
r, θ, ρ: Spherical coordinates
r: Distance vector
R: Rotation matrix
σ: Charge density
TE: Electric stress tensor
TM: Magnetic stress tensor
V: Volume
x, y, z: Cartesian Coordinates