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Note the presence of hazardous materials and conditions that must be approached with proper precautions and procedures to avoid damaging, injurious, or even fatal consequences.

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A chapter of electric vehicle conversion - Resources

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Note: Trojan and U. S. Battery are the major United States manufactures of flooded wet lead-acid batteries appropriate for use in an EV conversion. These may also be sold under other "house brands" at major discounters, but one should be careful about using off brand batteries, which may be similar in appearance but which may not be built to the same quality and durability standards.

Electric Vehicle Conversion Index

  1. Technologies
  2. Powertrain
  3. Battery disposition, security, and wiring
  4. Auxiliary systems and control
  5. Chassies, suspension, and running gear
  6. High power electrical
  7. Controls, interlocks, indicators, and alarms
  8. Conversion of concrete vehicles
  9. Resources