Editing Wikitext/Pictures

Editing Wikitext/Pictures edit


Daffodils: Narcissus Pseudonarcissus

Crocus: Latin name unknown

Introduction edit

Pictures, or images, are common on wiki pages. You can add them to your pages, and this series is intended to explain how it is done.

Image layouts are numerous. Most images in Wiki are positioned at the left or right margins and the text is allowed to wrap around them. Others are positioned in a line across the page. Some are intended for the top of a page, along with a table of contents. Galleries can contain many images, and in a wide range of formats, and drop controls can contain any or all of these.

Whether the writer is new to image placement or experienced in their use, he will find something in these pages that is useful. Select from the links below, according to your area of interest.

  • To position images in a basic way then read The Quick Course.
  • To provide a lineup of tiled images across the page or to overlap them, then be sure to read Tiled Images.
  • For more complex image placement read Images in Containers. This page deals with image placement in tables, galleries, and drop controls, and touches on the best use of top-section white space.

Writers within a wiki are encouraged to make use of templates in their work, and several useful templates are mentioned throughout the text.

Links edit

Get an image onto the page.
Size and position in-line images.
Place images in tables, galleries and drop-down boxes.

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