Easy Ido/Lesson eight

Suffixes part two

  • Use -e- to describe tint or colour. rozea (rose-coloured), oranjea (orange-coloured)
  • Use -ebl- to indicate that something is possible. videbla (visible), kredebla (believable)
  • Use -ed- to show quantity held by something. manuedo (handful)
  • Use -eg- to indicate largeness. domego (mansion), pluvego (downpour)
  • Use -et- to indicate smallness. ‎sigareto (cigarette)
  • Use -em- to say that someone or something is inclined to something. laborema (industrious), ociema (lazy)
  • Use -end- to express something to be done. solvenda (which must be solved)
  • Use -er- to indicate customary but not professional activity or occupation for a person, or a characteristic action by an animal or even a thing. fotografero (amateur photographer), reptero (reptile), dansero (dancer)