Lesson 4.8: Behavioral Emergencies

Objectives Edit

By the end of this lesson, the EMT-Basic should be able to:

  1. Define behavioral emergencies.
  2. Discuss the general factors that may cause an alteration in a patient's behavior.
  3. State the various reasons for psychological crises.
  4. Discuss the characteristics of an individual's behavior which suggest that the patient is at risk for suicide.
  5. Discuss special medical/legal considerations for managing behavioral emergencies.
  6. Discuss the special considerations for assessing a patient with behavioral problems.
  7. Discuss the general principles of an individual's behavior which suggests that they are at risk for violence.
  8. Discuss methods to calm behavioral emergency patients.
  9. Explain the rationale for learning how to modify your behavior toward the patient with a behavioral emergency.
  10. Demonstrate the assessment and emergency medical care of the patient experiencing a behavioral emergency.
  11. Demonstrate the various techniques to safely restrain a patient with a behavioral problem.