Lesson 3.1: Scene Size-Up

Objectives Edit

By the end of this lesson, the EMT-Basic should be able to:

  1. Recognize hazards/potential hazards.
  2. Describe common hazards found at the scene of a trauma and a medical patient.
  3. Determine if the scene is safe to enter.
  4. Discuss common mechanisms of injury and common natures of illnesses.
  5. Discuss the reason for identifying the total number of patients at the scene.
  6. Explain the reason for identifying the need for additional help or assistance.
  7. Explain the rationale for crew members to evaluate scene safety prior to entering.
  8. Serve as a model for others explaining how patient situations affect your evaluation of mechanism of injury or nature of illness.
  9. Observe various scenarios and identify potential hazards.

Scene Size-up Edit

The period from when you are called to a scene and when you interact with a patient is your scene size-up.

Body Substance Isolation (B.S.I) Edit

Scene Safety Edit

Number of Patients Edit

Mechanism of Injury/Nature of Illness Edit

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