There are different words for newspaper in Dutch. In the Netherlands the word krant is used. In the Dutch provinces North-Brabant, Limburg and in Belgium Gazet or Gazette is used. Another word is Courant or in Afrikaans, the variant in South Africa and Namibia, written as Koerant. A Dagblad is a daily paper and a Weekblad comes once per week.

These examples of papers which are also online are very practical to learn reading Dutch.

Nederlandse kranten, Dutch newspapers edit

Belgische kranten, Belgian newspapers edit

Surinaamse kranten, Surinamese newspapers edit

Kranten van de Nederlandse Antillen, newspapers of the Netherlands Antilles edit

Suid-Afrikaanse koerante (Afrikaans), South African newspapers edit

Namibiese koerante (Afrikaans), Namibian newspapers edit

Zie ook, See also edit