In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the atomie is a type of fey.

AlignmentChaotic neutral
Publication history
Source booksMonster Manual II
First appearance1983

Description edit

The atomie is the lightest and quickest of all the sprites, standing at less than one foot tall. An atomie has elven features, with pale skin with a hint of woodland green, and four dragonfly-like wings. An atomie's voice is high-pitched, sounding like the buzzing of a bee. Atomies have magical abilities, and sometimes carry weapons as well. Upon hearing an intruder, atomies hide and try to make the intruder go away, using false lights, clattering voices, and pesky, summoned insects.

Atomies live in forests, in the upper branches of old hardwood trees, one family per tree. Each family hollows out a series of tiny rooms, decorating with walnut chairs, woven pine needle rugs, acorn dishes, and the like. A network of balconies, landings, and rope bridges connects the dwellings, forming a village high above the forest floor. Atomies seldom bother with outsiders.

Publication history edit

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References edit

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