Welcome to the Wikibooks Driving Guide. This book covers the basics of driving, including basic driver safety, advanced driving techniques, and relevant vehicle maintenance topics. It is a work in progress; refer to chapter 10 for ways in which you may help improve it.



The Wikibooks Driving Guide contains content suitable for both new and experienced drivers; as well as for mentors to new drivers, such as parents with teenagers reaching the driving age. All content in the Wikibooks Driving Guide is suitable for all classes of drivers.

Within, you will find several topics including vehicle safety, technique, and maintenance across a wide range of driving conditions including personal, professional, and precision or "racing" conditions. When executed correctly and with proper judgment, all techniques are useful in all driving conditions. Some conditions, such as precision driving for motorsports, will require the use of specialized techniques more than others; other condition, such as personal "street" driving, will demand more conservative and generalized driving technique but occasionally benefit from advanced specialized techniques to avoid or neutralize hazardous conditions.

The content covered within serves only to raise driver awareness in the field of driving. Specialized, hands-on driver's education courses for a variety of driving styles exist. For example, specific Advanced Driver's Education courses cover vehicle dynamics and handling techniques as they apply to unpredictable hazardous situations in every-day driving conditions. Specialized autocrossing driver's education courses cover vehicle dynamics and handling techniques under extreme road conditions and at maximized speeds.