Dragon Quest/Southern Alefgard

This region contains the town of Cantlin, where the powerful Flame Sword and Silver Shield can be purchased. Also found hidden in the swamps here is Erdrick's Token, an essential quest item. There's no need to enter this realm until you are high experience level, unless you have 10,000 or 15,000 gold pieces - in which case a mad dash to Cantlin, running from all monsters, healing frequently, and bringing along the Faery Flute from Kol, will allow you to buy the valuable equipment listed above and speed up your quest considerably.

File:DW1 Map South.png



The enemies that you will encounter in this, the last unexplored region in Alefgard, are amongst the strongest that dare to roam the surface of the land. Although werewolves can be put to sleep like their weaker brethren, they are more resistant to it. Starwyverns have flame breath and know the helpful magic of Healmore which, if left unblocked, can extend battles far longer than necessary. Wizards, meanwhile, know the ultimate spell of Hurtmore, and use it against you frequently. But the toughest challenge of all may be the Green Dragons; they'd like nothing more than to make you their next dinner. Truly, you must be of high experience if you intend to survive in this realm.

Enemies that you will encounter in this region:



The Golem

File:DW1 Snap Golem.png
Putting the Golem to sleep requires more than magic

With its high protective walls that keep out monsters, and a Golem guarding the entrance, the citizens of Cantlin have fared well against the rise in powerful monsters in their region. As such, when you finally make it in, you'll find a bustling town with several shops and secrets to discover. However, it is guarded by The Golem, which is slightly more powerful than most monsters in the surrounding area. If you can't defeat the golem in straight combat, you may put him to sleep using the Fairy Flute; finding this flute is described in the "Unlocking Secrets" section.

The town

File:DW1 Map Cantlin.png
Bamboo Pole 10G
Club 60G
Copper Sword 180G
Leather Armor 70G
Chain Mail 300G
Large Shield 800G
Iron Axe 560G
Broad Sword 1500G
Full Plate 3000G
Magic Armor 7700G
Flame Sword 9800G
Silver Shield 14800G
Herb 24G
Torch 8G
Dragon's Scale 20G
Wyvern Wings 70G
Fairy Water 38G
Magic Key 98G
One night 100G

Once inside, you'll find a number of sections of the town are closed off behind locked doors. Hopefully you brought a key along with you. If you only brought one key and you need more, make sure you open the door near the upper right corner of town so that you can access the third magic key shop in Alefgard. However, at 98 gold per key; they don't come cheap. When you access the key shop, you'll also access the only armor and weapons shop that has something new to sell you: the Flame Sword and the Silver Shield. Both of these items are incredibly expensive, but also invaluable to your efforts to level up, so buy them as soon as possible.

Discussion around the town include a number of subjects:

  • A strong sword that once belonged to your ancestor Edrick.
  • A way to find proof of your ancestry.
  • An old shop owner who once had a store in Hauksness,
  • The nature of the Dragon Lord himself.

You will hear quite a bit about the store that once existed in Hauksness, and the fact that a man buried something of immense value at the foot of a tree behind his shop. When you are strong enough to face the dangers outside of Cantlin, it is worth taking your time to explore the remains of the ruined town.

Erdrick's Token

File:DW1 Snap Token.png
Searching for the proper coordinates

The most important information that you can obtain in Cantlin is hidden behind locked doors and very dangerous floor tiles. If you've managed to collect Edrick's Armor, than you have nothing to fear from the damaging tiles. If you haven't, you'll have to keep a watchful eye on your hit points if you intend to talk to the man beyond them. Heal with each step to ensure that you don't die. The man will tell you that proof can be found in the coordinates of 70 steps south of Tantegel and 40 steps east. Unless you are capable of counting every step that you take from the castle as you move along, you'll need a tool to help you locate such a specific position. Such a tool comes in a very unexpected guise.

File:DW1 Snap Princess.png
Rescuing the princess

By the time you reach Cantlin, chances are good that you are strong enough to take on the Green Dragon guarding the chamber in the interior of the Swamp Cave. With the spell of Healmore (received at level 17), the fight should be no problem even if you find your hit points dwindling. Once you best the Dragon, you can unlock the door on the other side of the pathway and rescue Princess Gwaelin. Return her to her father and you will receive a great reward: Gwaelin's Love.

While receiving the love of a princess is a nice idea, Gwaelin's Love is an actual object in your inventory. Upon using it, you will learn exactly how many experience points you need until you reach the next level and, if you are standing outside, exactly how many steps you are away from the castle; perfect for finding a specific coordinate. Using this item, you can figure out exactly when you are 70 steps south and 40 steps west of Tantegel, just as the man informed you. Once there, search around and you'll find the proof that you need. Only one step remains before you visit Castle Charlock.