Dragon Quest/Southeast Alefgard

Once you pass through the southern exit of the Swamp Cave, you will be in the southeast region of Alefgard. The monsters that you encounter here will be the toughest that you've ever faced. If that's not enough, they only get tougher as you travel further south. On your first visit to this region, you should concentrate on only one thing: get to Rimuldar. Once there, you can then use Rimuldar and its inn as your base of operations for the next few levels, until you become stronger and earn enough money for at least Full Plate armor and a Broad Sword. Only then should you attempt to wander into the realms of Wraiths and Wolflords in hopes of finding the elusive Goldmen, and the wealth that they award you with.

File:DW1 Map Southeast.png

Besides Rimuldar, nothing in this area has importance until later in the game.



Enemies that you will encounter north of Rimuldar:

Enemies that you will encounter south of Rimuldar:



Sleep continues to be exceptionally useful against strong foes. Wolves and Wolflords are susceptible to your sleep spell, and Scorpions and Metal Scorpions remain virtually comatose after you put them to sleep. However, you will now face Warlocks, armed with both the Sleep and Hurt spells.

If a monster succeeds in putting you to sleep, you will be helpless to defend yourself until you are fortunate enough to wake up. These spellcasters can be countered via Stopspell, learned at level 10. With spells stopped, spellcasters will only be able to harm you with their weak physical attacks. Beware of Wolflords however, which will use this spell against you.


File:DW1 Map Rimuldar.png
Copper Sword 180G
Iron Axe 560G
Broad Sword 1500G
Half Plate 1000G
Full Plate 3000G
Magic Armor 7700G
Magic Key 53G
One night 55G

Keys can be purchased from the small hut in the northwest corner of town, but you'll have to travel outside of the moat to reach it. Keys are 53 gold pieces each, and you can carry a maximum of six. Stock up as they are very useful.

Inside town, you will hear a variety of useful tips.

  • A man will advise you visit the temple to the south, while other townspeople warn you of the dangers that you may find there.
  • You will hear grumblings from other warriors about their search for a weapon strong enough to defeat the Dragon Lord.
  • One man will flat out tell you that the Sun Stone can be found in Castle Tantegel.
  • Another man on a small island will tell you about the legend of the hero and the rainbow bridge.
  • A man in the inn behind a locked door will tell you to search an area four steps south of the bath in Kol. In the room beyond the second locked door, you can find the Wings of Wyvern which will whisk you back to Tantagel; these are not worth the price of two keys that it takes to recover them.

The temple

File:DW1 Snap Temple.png
Inside the Temple south of Rimuldar

In order to reach this southern temple, you'll have to battle your way through the strongest of all monsters that you will find in East Alefgard, including the incredibly strong Wyverns. If you manage to reach the south end of the mountain range, and travel back north to the stairway entrance, you can talk with the man inside the temple. He appears to be waiting for someone to appear with proof in hand of his legendary ancestry. No amount of talking will convince him that you are who you say you are. You must find something that is indisputable proof. Your search continues…

The channel

File:DW1 Snap No Bridge.png
Water prevents your progress over this tiny channel

You may notice that the island to the west is separated by a tiny stream of water, but one just big enough to prevent you from crossing. You'll have to find some way to make travel across the tiny channel possible. Rumors in the town of Rimuldar say that a great hero mixed the power of sunlight and rain to create a pathway. You'll have to decipher the riddle to follow in the hero's footsteps.