Dragon Quest/Items and Equipment

There are many valuable items available in the shops of Alefgard, and others that can be found hidden in dungeons or Treasure Chests. Some items have magical properties, but they can be used only once, unlike spells. In many towns you will find weapons and armor to strengthen you.

Wanted: One used Sword. Once you have purchased an item you may keep it and use it, or you may sell it back to a shopkeeper. Keep in mind, however, that if you sell an item, you will receive only a portion of what you paid for it new.



There are three slots for equippable items. No action is needed to equip a piece of equipment once it's been purchased; you may only carry one piece of each type and it is automatically used by your character. Weapon strength adds directly to your base strength (power) to determine attack power; armor and shield defense are added to half your agility (response speed) to determine your final defense power.


Name Offense Cost Found Description
Bamboo Pole +2 10G Brecconary, Cantlin Inexpensive but not very effective in battle. Save your gold for the Club.
Club +4 60G Brecconary, Cantlin, Garinham A good first weapon. You can buy it in Brecconary at the start of the game.
Copper Sword +10 180G Brecconary, Cantlin, Garinham, Kol, Rimuldar By the time you have enough gold for the sword, you'll need its extra power.
Hand Axe +15 560G Garinham, Rimuldar An excellent weapon for a reasonable price.
Broad Sword +20 1500G Rimuldar, Cantlin Forged of hardened steel, this sword demands respect.
Flame Sword +28 9800G Cantlin Few can withstand this fearsome weapon when wielded by an experienced warrior.
Erdrick's Sword +40 Priceless Dragonlord's Castle The sword of your great ancestor has tremendous power!


Name Defense Cost Found Description
Clothes +2 20G Brecconary Clothes will keep you warm, but not much else.
Leather Armor +4 70G Brecconary, Garinham This armor gives better protection than Clothes.
Chain Mail +10 300G Garinham, Cantlin A strong but lightweight shirt of chain mail.
Half Plate +16 1000G Garinham, Kol, Rimuldar, Cantlin Strong metal plates will fend off many blows.
Full Plate +24 3000G Kol, Rimuldar, Cantlin Heavier than the Half Plate, this armor is far more durable.
Magic Armor +24 7700G Rimuldar, Cantlin An enchanted suit to ward off attacks by the enemies you are sure to meet and restores one hit point for every four steps you take. This reduces damage from HURT and HURTMORE by 1/3.
Erdrick's Armor +28 Priceless Haukness You can't buy this ancient armor. You must find it. But the reward is well worth the effort - it restores a lost hit point for every step you take and prevents damage from walking on damaging tiles. This reduces damage from HURT AND HURTMORE by 1/3, prevents Stopspell from working against you. It also reduces damage from flame breath attacks by 1/3 as well.


Name Defense Cost Found Description
Leather Shield/Small Shield +4 90G Brecconary, Kol Inexpensive, it is still a good buy early on in the game.
Iron Shield/Large Shield +10 800G Garinham, Cantlin This shield will serve you well during most of your quest.
Silver Shield +20 14800G Cantlin Worth a King's ransom, the Silver Shield is worth every piece of gold.



Purchasable Items

Name Cost Description
Herb 24G The Medicinal Herb restores 20 to 35 of your Hit Points.
Wings 70G The Wings of the Wyvern, thrown up into the air, will transport you home.
Torch 8G Carry several to illuminate caves once you begin to travel.
Dragon's Scale 20G The wearer of this scale receives an extra measure of protection (+2 defense).
Fairy Water 38G A vial of the magical water keeps enemies at bay for a short time while you travel.
Key 53G
Locked doors can be opened only with these magic keys.

Special Items

Name Description
Ball of Light A powerful relic from an earlier time when the world was bright.
Erdrick's Tablet Hidden for ages, the tablet holds Erdrick's words of advice.
Fairies' Flute The music of this instrument can cast certain evil beings (The Golem) into sleep.
Silver Harp A dangerous item to obtain, but you must in order to complete the quest. Summons an enemy when used.
Staff of Rain The magic of this item is not at first clear. Listen to clues to understand.
Stone of Sunlight When paired with the Staff of Rain a potent magic is unleashed.
Gwaelin's Love You must have some direction to your quest. Gwaelin's love is your compass.
Erdrick's Token The warrior who discovers this object thereby proves his heritage.
Rainbow Drop He who carries the Rainbow Drop may reach an island without a ship.

Cursed Items

Name Sell Price Description
Cursed Belt 180G Not all treasure is good. This belt will squeeze you like a vise. Don't put it on; just take it and sell it. If you wear it anyway, you cannot enter Catle Tantegel (or get expelled immediately if revived) and sometimes miss turns during combat. To remove the curse, speak with the old man in Brecconary Town to remove the items.
Death Necklace 1200G Buried and difficult to find, the evil necklace will bring a good price at a tool shop.

Other Items

Name Sell Price Description
Fighter's Ring 15G Due to misprogramming, the ring does nothing. It's otherwise claimed to increase your fighting ability (most common claims being +2 attack or increasing critical hit chance.)