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Downloading Files from IRC/Setting Up Your IRC Client for Downloading Files

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This is is a mini-guide for beginners to set up an IRC client to receive files.Edit


  • When mIRC is opened, the options menu should pop up:


  • In the "Category:" window under "Connect", click on "Options", and put a check mark next to "Reconnect on disconnection"


  • Next, click on the "DCC" category. And click on the "\/" to the right of "If file exists:" and select "Resume". Also for "On chat request:", select "Auto-accept" and check "minimize"


  • If your confronted with the "Auto-Get Warning", click yes and enable the feature. Enabling auto-get does not mean viruses will takeover your computer, just don't be an idiot and open files sent to you that you didn't request.


  • Now click on the "+" sign next to "DCC" to open up the sub menu.


  • Now we are going to click on the "Ignore" in the sub-category that just opened up and click on the "\/" to the right of "Method:". Select disabled and un-check the box next to "turn ignore back on in:"