Ultimate DoomEdit

Walkthrough is based on the I'm too Young to Die difficulty Level


Map 1: HangerEdit

Secrets: 3

  • Near the Exit there is a area of grey/brown wall in the middle of some green wall press space to open this part of the wall
  • In the room with the zig zag path though the acid pond, there is a demon on a high platform that flings fie balls at you, do not shoot it but run past into the next room, wait and then return about 45 seconds later, the platform will have lowered and the demon come off, you can now access the platform
  • (you must have done secret above before this one will work) just before the room with the acid pond there is a corridor with 2 areas of diagonal wall on the right, shoot each of these once with the shot gun and run too the platform (mentioned above) in the corner will be a lift to the 3 secret area. Actually you don't need to shoot the wall, you just need to retreat back from the room with the acid pond, then make a very fast beeline for the the room revealed by secret #2. Use Shift-arrow to move the fastest. There is a lift that will come down for just a moment that will take you to a hidden corridor.

Map 2: Nuclear PlantEdit

Map 3: Toxin RefineryEdit

Map 4: Command ControlEdit

Map 5: Phobos LabEdit

Map 6: Central ProcessingEdit

Map 7: Computer StationEdit

Map 8: Phobos AnomalyEdit

Map 9: Military BaseEdit