As you play Doom, you will encounter monsters. To help you defeat the monsters, Weapons and powerups you will need.

In the following table of monsters, each monster is hyperlinked to its section in the chapter, Monster descriptions. Spawn Health indicates how much weapon fire is required to kill each monster (in hit points), Damage refers to their damage and Version refers to the game version the monster first appears in:

  • S - Shareware version (Doom Episode 1)
  • R - Registered/Ultimate version (Doom Episodes 2-4)
  • 2 - Doom II
Monster Description Spawn Health Damage Version
Former Human Zombified guard, wields a rifle that shoots like a pistol 20 3-15 S
Former Sergeant Tougher zombie solder, wields a shotgun 30 3-45 S
Imp Anthropomorphic hellspawn, claws targets and hurls fireballs 60 3-24 S
Demon Pink, gorilla-like hellspawn that blocks mobility 150 4-40 S
Spectre Partially invisible gorilla-like hellspawn 150 4-40 S
Baron of Hell Bipedal Goat-like hellspawn, tears apart at close range and fires green bolts 1000 8-64 S
Lost Soul Flying, flaming and very fast skull 100 3-24 R
Cacodemon Floating red spheroid with green eye, spits lightning bolts 400 5-40 R
Spider Mastermind Brain-like creature on robotic platform, shoots super-chaingun 3000 3-45 R
Cyberdemon Towering minotaur with prosthetic rocket launcher for a hand, fires very powerful rockets in volleys of three 4000 20-160 R
Former Commando Toughest zombie, shoots a chaingun continuously as long as you're on sight 70 3-15 2
Hell Knight Weaker, recoloured version of the Baron of Hell; same damage but less health 500 8-64 2
Arachnotron Like a smaller version of the Spider Mastermind, shoots plasma bolts 500 5-40 2
Pain Elemental Floating brown spheroid, belches Lost Souls, upon death explodes into 3 of them. 400 N/A 2
Revenant Large skeleton with rocket vest, hits at close range, fires homing missiles 300 10-80 2
Mancubus Bulky and slow, spews searing volleys of fireballs from both flamethrower arms 600 8-64 2
Arch-Vile Blasts targets with fire magic when it can see them, resurrects dead monsters 700 90 2
Wolfenstein SS Nazi SS troops in secret levels 50 3-15 2
Icon of Sin Final adversary of the game, a colossal baphomet with an exposed brain. Spawns other monsters (except Zombies, Spiderdemon & Cyberdemon) 250 N/A 2