Below is a list of cheats for the games in the Doom series. To activate them, type them while playing the game. Cheats will not work on the highest difficulty level nor on deathmatch games.

PC version cheat codes


In-game cheats

  • iddqd - degreelessness mode (invulnerability)
  • idkfa - gives all weapons, ammunition, armor, and keys
  • idfa - same as idkfa but without keys (version 1.666 and later only)
  • idspispopd - allows the player to walk through solid objects (original Doom only)
  • idclip - allows the player to walk through solid objects (Doom II only)
  • idchoppers - gives chainsaw with joke message
  • idmypos - displays current map co-ordinates (x, y)
  • iddt - toggles normal map, full map, and full maps with objects (must be entered in map mode, multiple times)
  • idbehold - selection of power-ups; type one of the following letters after the cheat to get the corresponding power-up:
    • a - computer map
    • i - partial invisibility
    • l - light amplification goggles
    • r - radiation suit
    • s - berserker punch
    • v - temporary invulnerability
  • fhhall - kill all monsters (Doom 95 port only)
  • fhshh - monsters ignore player unless attacked (Doom 95 port only)