Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest/Levels/Pirate Panic

The first level of the game isn't too difficult, nor complex. It is a simple run from left to right.

Near the start of the level is a door to your left. This room contains a 1-up balloon and a letter saying that Donkey Kong was Kidnapped. The room also serves a secondary purpose for patient players that wish to farm bananas and banana tokens, which are regenerated when you exit the room.

As you continue right, you will encounter various features of the map, which only pose limited difficulty:

  • The letter K is in plain sight, where you see two groups of two barrels.
  • A banana token can be found above and to the right of the large A spelled in bananas. You need to throw your companion upward to reach it.
  • The letter O is in plain sight, when the deck lowers.
  • When you see a break in the deck, jump down to reach the find the token minigame. There is a banana token here as well, but the main token is found at the top right and is reached by just jumping along the barrels.
  • The letter N is also in plain sight on the main deck, but you'll have grabbed it through the minigame entrance.
  • You can find a rhino companion at the top of a stack of barrels. If you bring him to the end of the level, you can get a 1-up balloon.
  • When you see a left arrow, use the rhino to break down the door by charging it (hold down the A button. In this minigame, eliminate all enemies from left to right - the fastest way to do it is to charge and jump to clean them out on one sweep.
  • There is also a column of bananas to the right. Throw your companion upward to collect the DK Token.
  • G is also visible.