Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest/Levels/Gangplank Galley

A Bonus Barrel to the find the token minigame is located above the starting position. In this minigame, you need to pickup each chest, and throw it at the bee to break it open. The token position is randomly determined.

Head to the right. The first chest you see contains bananas.

When you see a hook, you can use it to reach the letter K.

The second chest has a 1-up balloon.

The second set of hooks leads to a DK barrel.

There is a barrel that will launch you to a high platform. Jump across the hooks here to reach to reach the letter O.

The third chest has a banana token. You will find it just before the halfway barrel.

The letter N is above the stack of barrels.

When you reach the gap, you will have to use the hook to jump across. Alternatively, you can use Dixie Kong spin while jumping to reach a launcher located to the left of the gap, where you will collect some bananas and a banana token.

When you get the invulnerability barrel, run to the right. Skip the chest. When you see a tall stack of barrels, take advantage of the invulnerability and reach the top of the stack for a bonus barrel. This token minigame requires you to jump from hook to hook. Once you resolve the minigame, or if you need breakable items to take out the blue guards, you can use the chest to collect the letter G.