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According to the United States Code for registering a copyrighted work, you must include your nationality (what country you claim citizenship in) and the country you are currently residing in, if different. It is also suggested by the U.S. Copyright office to include the year you were born, for identification purposes. They also ask for the year of death, and if you know of a Wikibookian who has passed away, this would also be useful. How exactly we are going to collect this information for users and contributors of this Wikibooks is totally unknown, and is going to be an interesting little ride. Please add comments in the discussion page if you have any reservations about giving this information out. This is moving into new territory here, so we don't know exactly what is going to be required or if new policies should or ought to be developed.

Keep in mind, this information is needed only if you want to be credited formally as the author of this Wikibook and have your information correctly cited in any formal registration procedure for this Wikibook. Efforts to get this information put into the general user record of MediaWiki have met with huge resistance even on a voluntary basis, so this is the only forum for you to even put this sort of information out to the public. This information may also be needed for enforcement of copyright laws in the unfortunate situation where somebody copies this Wikibook contrary to the terms of the GFDL. An attempt to contact you would then be done to see if you would be willing to enforce your copyright for this Wikibook.

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  1. Mk2337, Lubbock, TX, USA