Disim Highway Simulator/Installation/Mac OS X

Mac OS X Installation InstructionsEdit

Installing from binariesEdit

  • Double-click on disim_VERSION.dmg
  • Drag-and-drop the icons on the left on the icons on the right (effectively, copy Disim.app inside the /Applications folder and create a symbolic link to the Disim executable in the /usr/bin folder).
  • Close the Finder window and eject the dmg image.
  • Open a terminal and type:

Installing from the sourceEdit

  • Extract Disim in your favorite folder.
  • Make sure that gengetopt is installed on your system. To install gengetopt under MacOS, download and install the extremely useful Fink (http://www.finkproject.org/), then you can open a Terminal and type:
fink -b install gengetopt

To install Fink, it is necessary to install X-Code on your system: http://developer.apple.com/technologies/tools/xcode.html.

  • If you want to use the graphical interface, make sure OpenGL and FLTK 1.1 are installed. To install FLTK, open a terminal and type:
fink -b install fltk-aqua

To install OpenGL, you need to install X-Code on your system. If you do not wish to use the graphical interface, you can specify it by modifying the Makefile.include file.

  • If you want to use the LUA scripting capabilities, Lua 5.1 must be installed. To install Lua, type:
fink -b install liblua5.1-dev

If you do not wish to use LUA, you can specify so in the Makefile.include file.

  • Open a terminal, navigate to the Disim folder and type
  • You can now start Disim with the command: