This will silence the terminal bell in iTerm, and won't replace it with a visual bell. It will still be silenced when connected to remote machines.

  1. Quit iTerm
  2. Change the bell setting in Property List Editor
    1. Open ~/Library/Preferences/net.sourceforge.iTerm.plist in Apple's Property List Editor [1] by navigating to it and double-clicking it in Finder
    2. Expand Root
    3. Expand Terminals
    4. Expand Default
    5. Click "No" to the right of "Silence Terminal Bell" and change it to "Yes".[2]
    6. File > Save (Command-S)
    7. Property List Editor > Quit Property List Editor (Command-Q)
  3. Open iTerm. The bell should be silenced!


  1. you need to have XCode installed to get the Property List Editor
  2. in version the value "Silence Terminal Bell" is gone from the conf file. You need to manually add it as boolean and set it to "true"