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The Play EthicEdit

There is a book with the title "The Play Ethic".[1] Let us adopt the title to capture the spirit of the Ethics of Play.

The Ethics of PlayEdit

When we talk about play (or playing) we have in mind phrases such as “playing fair” or “fair play” and “playing foul” or “foul play”. Playing foul is usually associated with cheating. Both the words "cheating" and “foul” are interesting.

Let us distinguish between solitary play and communal play. Solitary play is playing alone. Communal playing is playing with others. It is in the latter context that playing foul and cheating take on significant meaning. So, the cheat-sheet for computer game is really a sort of investigation into the innards of the play.



  1. The subtitle of "The Play Ethic" is "A Manifesto for a Different Way of Living".

Reading linksEdit

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