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The Vrinda Documentary - Episode 7

On YouTube ⇒ Episode 7 - MDG7 - Ensure environmental sustainability

Issue 10 ⇒ Sharing knowledge and resources

Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability

Ecology and Spirituality - Green Hands project - Isha foundation - India
R.K.Pachauri - Good governance requires environmental responsibility and global solidarity
MDG 7: Ensure environmental sustainability
Kono Rdio - Less affluence and less technology does not mean a lower cultural standard nor a life less worthy
Unsustainable Growth in Kono
Community Tourism (Riven No 2)
We will never stop the cooperation with the Syrian people
Damascus rural water and sanitation

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  Issue 10 ⇒ Sharing knowledge and resources
 Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability

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European Union Directorate–General for Development and Cooperation – (EuropeAid)
The Kautilya Society, Varanasi
Armadilla, Italy
Ministry of Housing and Construction of the Arab Republic of Syria
Village Association Number2 River, Sierra Leone

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