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The Vrinda Documentary - Episode 3

Issue 5 ⇒ Do developed and developing nations agree on the road map for global development? Is there a difference in the way different cultures see "development"?
Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women
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“Those who justify themselves are not believed”.

While explaining what they do for reducing poverty, organizations tend to be preachy and heart-rending. People are mostly untouched by such rhetoric, because, after all, humanitarian organizations are promoting their business niche.
What needs to be done is to get away with any effort to convince anybody of anything. One should not aim at creating consensus. One should try to enable informed judgment.
One should collect the stories of the people who are working in cooperation projects, record their motivations and the challenges they encounter.
These stories can be shared with those who are trusted by the public: journalists, teachers, intellectuals. We can help opinion makers to form a clearer opinion about cooperation activities. They will apply their criticism and then inform their public of what they think of us.
We will receive criticism.
But we will have communication environment free of a rhetoric.
Once there is no rhetoric, we can build trust. Where there is trust, cooperation is possible.

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MDG 3: Promote gender equality and empower women

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