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Template: Quality Plan

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This template can be used both for Programme plans and/or Project Plans

Quality Plan f

Prepared by: Date (MM/DD/YYYY):

Project Quality Definition


Quality Requirements

[Explain what the measurable requirements are to ensure customer satisfaction. These requirements should have been determined with input from all stakeholders, especially those in the business areas.]

Quality Management & Organization


Quality management for this project conforms to the following organizational structure

Quality Assurance Processes


[To complete this section of your quality plan, you must first define the quality checkpoints, based on the Our Organization Development Methodology. Then you must determine what needs to be reviewed at each checkpoint and which review method will be used, and assign the reviewers. Be sure to include the appropriate business and technical resources in the reviews—for example, for the prototype review, be sure to include the business staff members who will be using the system; for the code review, be sure to include technical staff members who are familiar with the programming language and environment; for the database design review, be sure to include a data analyst or database administrator in addition to any programmer/analysts. Use this template to document your quality assurance processes—explain the review methods on the first page, and list the deliverables, the chosen review methods, and the review participants and materials in the following table. A few review methods are described below, and a few sample entries have been made to show how it could be done for one deliverable. You can add additional review methods, change the sample review methods, or remove inappropriate review methods, as needed.] There are several methods that will be used to ensure that the Sample Project project, and the application that results from it, adhere to appropriate quality standards:

  • Internal Project Reviews: These are project team work sessions in which the team reviews all deliverables for a phase before scheduling a methodology review.
  • Walkthroughs: These are group work sessions in which the walkthrough team validates the deliverable using previously defined scripts, presentations, question & answer sessions, and brainstorming sessions, if appropriate.
  • Inspections: These are reviews of a deliverable by the Executive Committee, or sometimes by an implementation team, for the purpose of inspecting and approving the deliverable.

Quality Assurance Activities

  • What steps will you take to ensure that Quality is built into the production processes?
  • Will the test team work from a Test Plan? Do they understand their responsibilities?
  • How will you ensure that Requirements are correct, complete and accurately reflect the needs of the Customer?
  • How will you verify that Specifications are an accurate representation of the Requirements?
  • What steps will you take to ensure that the project plan (e.g. Risk Management Plan, Change Management Plan, Procurement Plan) is followed?
  • Describe how Requirement – Specification – Test Plan traceability is managed (or provide Link_To_ Requirements_Traceability_Matrix ):
  • What audits and reviews are required and when will they be held?
  • What steps will you take to ensure that the Vendor is supplying deliverables of adequate quality?
  • What will you measure to determine if the project is out of Scope?
  • What will you measure to determine if the project is within budget?
  • What will you measure to determine if the project is within schedule?