Design of Main Memory Database System/Preface

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The audience for this book will usually fall into one of the below four categories

  • Students with interest in DBMS
  • Developer new to DB Kernel Development
  • An Experienced DRDB Kernel Developer new to MMDB Kernel Development
  • An Experienced MMDB Kernel Developer



There are four major parts of this book

Part I, “Introduction to DBMS” gives an overview of database management systems and introduces database system types.

Part II, “Storage Engine” talks about storage engine concepts that include transaction, allocation, indexing, concurrency and recovery.

Part III “SQL Engine” talks about SQL engine concepts that include parser, optimization, and execution.Standard interfaces, ODBC and JDBC implementation are also discussed.

Part IV, “Case Study - CSQL” introduces real world open source MMDB implementation, CSQL and discusses about how the above said functionalities are implemented in it.

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