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Recovery GuideEdit

There are plenty of people with depression who are not being properly treated. Antidepressants revolutionized medicine's approach to the treatment of depression, and even though they are generally effective and an indispensable tool, sole reliance on drugs neglects valuable lifestyle advice. This is important consideration for those with all levels of depression.

The first step tried in recovering from depression should be telling someone and then getting help from a doctor if possible.

In order to recover from a depression, one must first understand the problem.

The following three sections cover the different aspects of the lifestyle changes. The first category deals with general advice which one should always have present. I The next section deals with the daily routine. Even though more flexible in nature, I quickly realized that there were good reasons behind my counselor's insistence that I followed its guidelines. At last, the third section focuses on tips for good sleep. These are by no means specific to a clinical depression.

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