Database Management with Kexi/Interface

The Kexi toolbar has 4 tabs: Create, Data, External Data, and Tools. Create has 5 buttons, which let you create one of each of the 5 Kexi objects: Table, Query, Form, Report, and Script. When you click on of these buttons, the new object will appear in the middle pane, below. Kexi screen

  1. Click the diamond, in the upper right-hand corner of the Project Navigator. The Navigator will undock.
  2. Click and drag the Navigator's title bar to pull the window next to the database pane. When you see the outline appear, let go of the mouse. The Navigator will re-dock.
  3. Grab the Navigator's title bar and pull it out to undock it again.
  4. Drag the Navigator window above the database pane until you see the outline, and then let it go.
  5. Drag the Navigator window around to dock it to the right and bottom of the database pane. After undocking, you can always click the diamond to re-dock it in its previous position.