Database Design/Acknowledgements

Adrienne Watt


This book has been a wonderful experience in the world of open textbooks. It’s amazing to see how much information is available to be shared. I would like to thank Nguyen Kim Anh of OpenStax College, for her contribution of database models and the relational design sections. I would also like to thank Dr. Gordon Russell for the section on normalization. His database resources were wonderful. Open Learning University in the UK provided me with a great ERD example. In addition, Tom Jewet provided some invaluable UML contributions.

I would also like to thank my many students over the years and a special instructor, Mitra Ramkay (BCIT). He is fondly remembered for the mentoring he provided when I first started teaching relational databases 25 years ago. Another person instrumental in getting me started in creating an open textbook is Terrie MacAloney. She was encouraging and taught me think outside the box.

A special thanks goes to my family for the constant love and support I received throughout this project.

Nelson Eng


I would like to thank the many people who helped in this edition including my students at Douglas College and my colleague Ms. Adrienne Watt.

We would like to particularly thank Lauri Aesoph at BCcampus for her perseverance and hard work while editing the book. She did an amazing job.