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Description edit

This function calculates the Daily Intensity (DI) cost function for precipitation. This error is supposed to be due to a misclassification (i.e., the elements should be classified according to sequence cl.check, while they are in practice allocated to the clusters according to the sequence cl.proj).

Usage edit

DI(cl.calibration, cl.check, cl.proj, DataS.Calibration, DataS.check)

Arguments edit

  • cl.calibration Sequence of clusters for time period 1 (TP1)
  • cl.check Reference sequence (i.e., numerical vector) of clusters (i.e., this is the sequence we should have) for time period 2 (TP2).
  • cl.proj Sequence of clusters in practice for TP2.
  • DataS.Calibration Precipitation data time series for TP1.
  • DataS.check Precipitation data time series for TP2.

Details edit

For details about these cost functions, see the reference below. M. Vrac, P. Yiou. "Weather regimes designed for local precipitation modelling: Application to the Mediterranean bassin". Submitted, JGR-A, 2009

Value edit

Returns a list with arguments:

  • DI Daily Intensity (DI) error costs, depending on station s and day d.
  • MDI Means DI costs, depending on station s.
  • RMDI Regional MDI providing a global (spatial and temporal) view of the DI error


Author edit

M. Vrac (

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