Cyber Guide to ODU Career Management/Get on the Front Line/Front Desk Protocol

Front Desk Notice


We DO NOT hand out the Williamsburg key. Webb Media downstairs (x6228, handles events other than those sponsored by the CMC. Others can use laptop projection only. This ensures our equipment is there and operable when we need it.

DO NOT take personal calls on your cell phone at the front desk. If it is an emergency or you need to take it, get coverage and take your call elsewhere.

DO use professionalism in your appearance, language, and demeanor.

NO studying at the front desk.

Front Desk Manual


WHEN TRANSFERRING A CALL, please find out FIRST: WHO is calling and WHY they are calling. Let the person you transfer the call to know that information. Do some digging! Sometimes, you'll find out all a person wants is an appointment made!

There are two sections on the Job Fairs page: FOR STUDENTS AND ALUM and FOR EMPLOYERS. Make sure if an employer or school is looking to sign up for a Job Fair, you direct them to the proper section. (A good way to explain it to them is: "Look at the section under the INSTANT CAREER MESSAGING icon on the Job Fairs page")


Make sure it does NOT conflict with other appointments or meetings around it!

For example, if "Joe" has a 9AM meeting in the Webb Center that lasts 1 hour, do not schedule an appointment at 10AM in BAL for "Joe" to meet a student. Think - most meetings last longer than one hour exactly and it takes time for "Joe" to walk from Webb Center to BAL.

Do include this information when making appointments (unless otherwise directed by the staff member him/herself): NAME, YEAR, IF SENIOR (PUT GRAD DATE), IF ALUMNI (PUT YEAR), MAJOR, ODU/CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS, CONTACT PHONE NUMBER, REASON FOR THE APPT, AND YOUR INITIALS. It is important to put your initials, so the person who you made the appointment for can call you for details if they are unsure about the reason the appt was made.

STUDENT OR ALUMNI NEEDS RESUME REVIEW: Find out if there is a specific reason why need their resume reviewed and refer to the appropriate person: They can walk-in the Career Cyber Center. They can make an appointment with their Liaison or Internship/Co-op Coordinator. They can email their resume to the Cyber Coach, Liaison, or Internship/Co-op Coordinator.

For example, if "Mary" walks in and wants to make an appointment to get her resume reviewed by her Liaison, find out why she is getting her resume reviewed! If she is wanting to use it to get an internship, maybe it's best if she meets her Intership/Co-op Coordinator for a review and to get internship ready. If she is graduating in a year and is thinking about careers, it's best for her to see her Liaison. If she wants to attend the Job Fair next week, she should see a Cyber Coach for a quicker response.