Curriculum Design and Technology Integration/The Deliberation Model & Hunkins Model of Curriculum Design

Wikibook CDT Chapter 2: Models, Frameworks and Tools of Curriculum Development and the role of media.

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Six Phase Deliberation Model edit


Six-Phase Deliberation Model. Phase One: Public Sharing. An Educational Group must come together. Discuss what needs to be accomplished. Phase Two: Highlighting Agreements and Disagreements. The educational group must highlight what they have in common and also what they differ in opinion. Phase Three: Explaining Positions. The members of the group will take the information from the previous phases and make clear the various positions. Phase Four: Highlighting Changes in Position. Educators make known any change in position. Why they changed their position. Phase Five: Negotiating Points of Agreement. Engages Participants in searching for solutions. Phase Six: Adopting a Decision. Individuals achieve consensus.

Hunkin's Decision-Making Model