Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience concerned with the study of Cryptids. Which are, creatures that the existence of is disagreed on. Usually appearing in myths, folklore, and urban legends. Their existence in most cases has not been confirmed by mainstream zoology, although some crossover does exist. Cryptozoology is a broad field of study, with entities ranging from terrestrial bipedal apes—such as Bigfoot and the Yeti—, to extraterrestrial Grey's. As well as documented extinct species like the thylacine, whose current existence is widely debated.

It's widely accepted that all if not all Cryptids studied will never be proven to exist, aside from Cryptids belonging to documented species. However, understanding the stories these creatures inhabit can give insight into the pop culture, folklore, and cryptozoology subculture they originate from. Which is why many online and on the field are passionate about documenting, and finding the Cryptids they love.