Cross-Platform Game Programming with gameplay3d/Links to other useful resources



The official gameplay3d website (which has links to a wiki, API reference, forums and the github repository) can be found at:

For a very useful talk by the creators of gameplay3d, which covers many of gameplay3d's architectural design choices, go to:

3D graphics


Udacity has an excellent course on "Interactive 3D Graphics" at:



For an introduction to modern (i.e. shader-based rather than fixed-pipeline) OpenGL, try:

You can experiment with GLSL fragment shaders (and learn a few tricks from the experts) at:

Do note, however, that many of the techniques used in these shaders are too computationally expensive for real-time use in games. Nevertheless, they can be useful for getting to grips with the GLSL language.

A thorough and easy-to-follow C++ tutorial can be found at:

The "Getting Started" page on the official Lua website can be found at:

For a very brief introduction, try:

3D models