Cricket/Game types

There are 3 main types of cricket that are played from around the world. There is Test Cricket which originated back in 1870s and there are the newer and shorter forms, T20 and One Day Internationals. The main difference with these 3 unique types of cricket are the overs. In T20 cricket, there are 20 overs for each team to bat and bowl. In One Day Internationals, there are 50 overs for each team. In Test cricket, both teams have to reach a conclusive score by the end of 5 days. If there is no result, then it is a draw.

Test Cricket edit

Origins edit

Test cricket originated in England in the late 18th century by farmers. Test cricket then spread across the world and then in the 19th century, Australia became actively involved in cricket. Tens of years later, the first Ashes test was played between England and Australia.

One Day Internationals edit

One Day International (ODI) is a form of cricket where there are a limited amount of overs for each team. It is played between two teams each having 50 overs to score the most runs. The Cricket World Cup, is played in this format.

Origins edit

The ODI version of cricket was developed in the late 19th century. The first ODI was played on 5 January 1971 between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

T20 edit

Twenty20, commonly known as T20, is a game of cricket where both teams have 20 overs to score as much runs as possible.

Origins edit

When the Benson & Hedges Cup ended in 2002, the ECB needed another one-day competition to fill its place. Cricketing authorities were looking to boost the game's popularity with the younger generation in response to dwindling crowds and reduced sponsorship. It was intended to deliver fast-paced, exciting cricket accessible to thousands of fans who were put off by the longer versions of the game. Stuart Robertson, the marketing manager of the ECB, proposed a 20-over-per-innings game to county chairmen in 2001 and they voted 11–7 in favour of adopting the new format. Subsequently, the first Twenty20 matches were played on 13 June 2003 between the English counties in the Twenty20 Cup.

Examples edit

Some examples of Twenty20 cricket is the Indian Premier League, the Pakistan Super League and the Australia owned Big Bash League.