Creative Writing/Mini Sagas

A Mini saga is a very short story. It is limited to only 50 words, no more no less.

A good mini saga should be interesting.

For example:

A Banana Grower

While visiting a small village along the Thai-Myanmar border province of Kanchanaburi, Thongdee helped a Karen man from going to jail. The acquitted man gave him a big plot of land. The man helped him plant bananas. The plantation was successful; he quit his job and became a banana grower.

(Janpha Thadphoothon)

A Surprise Birthday

“I have a special gift for your birthday tonight,” my sexy secretary spoke softly to my ear. After work, I waited in a hotel room she booked for ‘us’. When knocked, I opened the door, seeing my wife, colleagues and her with a gigantic cake. But I stood there, naked! (Yongyuth Khamkhong)