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How Do You Spell Vam-Pai-Yer? Edit

Phonetically, English speakers pronounce vampire this way "vamp-pie-yer" [Vam-Pai-Yer], yet how do people around the world spell and pronounce vampires?

Etymology: [word origin]

A Wikipedian fluent in American-Spanish, wrote about the "etimologia" of the word as "...posiblemente a traves del 'vampyre' frances del 'vampir' aleman..."
The Wikipedian may have derived the origin of the word, vampire, from the dictionary:
Under entry: vampire, Etymology: French, from German 'vampir...'

The popular Urban Dictionary [online] claims the source of "vampyre" is "...the old english way of spelling 'Vampire.'"

New words derived from vampire are: vampiric, and vampirish.

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