Corps-Style Marching/Technique/Commands

Although commands may slightly vary from one marching ensemble to the next, the commands are generally the same or are normally recognizable to those familiar with commands. There are standing, moving, and turning commands.

Standing CommandsEdit

To the ReadyEdit

This command is meant to tell the group of marchers that they are about to be given commands, such as being called to attention. The person giving this command will say something along the lines of "Band, To the Ready" after which there should be silence and each marcher should prepare themselves for the commands which will follow soon after.

Parade RestEdit

Parade Rest is the stance in which the group of marchers stands with feet apart, hands at their sides, and heads usually toward the ground. This command is used just before calling the ensemble to attention or, alternatively, to call the ensemble out of attention. Usually, the individual giving commands will say "Band, Pa-rade Rest!" to give this command.


Attention is used to bring a group of marchers out of parade rest. This is a sharp movement and, when done correctly, is an eye-grabber for the audience. To call a group to attention, the person giving commands will usually say "Band, Ten Hut!" and as the marchers go into their attention stance

              1  2 3  4

(feet together,head up, good posture) they will respond "Hut!"

Horns Up/DownEdit

Command are given when the band is about to perform as in instruments mouthpiece are ready on the mouth. Usually given command is Horns-Up/Horns-Down during parade time. Command is excluded in a formation or ensemble as the Concert Master will be showing signals. The Drum Major will give the command: Band, Horns Up; the band will then respond with Check, Hit.

Right/Left FaceEdit

The command given to execute this move is either "Left face!" or "Left Hace!" (directions either being left or right as needed). Your response to their command will be "one, two", which will have to follow the tempo in which the command was given. On "one", you will pivot 90°, on your heel, with the foot corresponding to the command(if it was "right face", right foot, or left foot if it was "left face"). This step will leave you on the heel of one foot and the other on the ball of the foot, and both sets of toes facing in the direction to which you were commanded to turn. Now, on "two", your other foot(the one where you were left standing on the ball of the foot), will join your first foot and resume attention.

About FaceEdit

Moving CommandsEdit

Mark TimeEdit

Forward MarchEdit

Backward MarchEdit


Turning CommandsEdit

To the RearEdit