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The cuisine of the Bahamas covers a wide range of traditional and local meals, related or originating from the Bahamas. Often many of the dishes have a twist from other countries' meals. The cuisine of the Bahamas dates back many years and the meals that have come out are popular and must-haves.



Because the indigenous population of the Bahamas was decimated by the arrival of the Spanish in the 15th century, the nation's cuisine is primarily an amalgamation of the cuisines from later settler populations and neighboring regions. These influences include Western African slaves, British settlers and loyalists, the Southern United States, other Caribbean nations, and more.



As an island nation, the Bahamas widely incorporates seafood into its cuisine. This includes the popular mollusc called conch, as well as other fish and shellfish. Guava are native to the region, and other tropical and new-world fruits and vegetables can feature in the cuisine.

Common dishes


Many of the following dishes can be found in popular tourist and local places in the Bahamas:

  • Conch salad: a fresh salad with conch meat
  • Cracked conch: battered and fried conch pieces
  • Conch stew/soup: a tomato-based soup made with stewed conch meat and other vegetables
  • Grits: a dish of cooked cornmeal imported from the American South
  • Chicken in da bag: spiced and fried chicken