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Template:BLP sources Calvin Vollrath (born 1960) is a Canadian fiddler and composer. He is one of the best fiddlers in the world.[1] He is also one of the few European-Canadian fiddle players playing professionally in the Métis style.[2] He lives in Alberta.

He won the Grand North American Old Tyme Fiddle Championship in 1985. In more recent years, he's been a judge for the Canadian Grand Masters fiddle competition, and was awarded a Life Time Achievement Award from them in 2005. He participates in Emma Lake Fiddle Camp. He has played with various other musicians including John Arcand. Some of his music is jazz-like, some from the Métis tradition. He is an inspiration and a mentor to many Canadian fiddlers, including April Verch,[3] Patti Lamoureux,[4] and Samantha Robichaud.[5] Jerry Holland has composed a tune in Calvin's honour, named "Calvin, Fiddler’s Idol". Calvin has represented Canadian music internationally, such as at the World Music Expo in Berlin in 2000.[6] He became the first fiddler to play at an NHL hockey game when the Edmonton Oilers invited him to play during the Stanley Cup Finals in 1988. He has made recordings with musicians such as Ian Tyson, George Fox, Colleen Peterson, and Laura Vinson. CBC's documentary show hosted by Adrienne Clarkson aired a show about Métis fiddling that featured Calvin Vollrath and John Arcand.

He composed and performed a piece for the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony.[7]

Discography edit

  • Fiddle (2008)
  • Looking Back, 25 Years of Recording (2007)
  • The Big C (2006)
  • The Big C02 (2006)
  • Air Mail Special (2005)
  • Strings of Pearl (2005)
  • Métis Style Fiddle (2005)
  • Car Tunes (2004)
  • Just for the Swing of It (2004)
  • New Fiddle Classics (2003)
  • Maple Sugar and Other Old Time Favorites (2003)
  • Friendship (2002)
  • Calvin Vollrath Waltzes (2002)
  • Fiddle According to Cal (2002)
  • Autumn in Vermont (2001)
  • Uncommon Sense (2001)
  • Fiddling My Way (2001)
  • This Old Tune (2001)
  • Live, From Our Place (2001)
  • Fiddillennium, Volume 1 (2000)
  • Fiddillennium, Volume 2 (2000)
  • Steppin' Out (2000)
  • Precious Melodies (2000)
  • UFO Sessions 99 (1999)
  • Bonjour comment ça va (1999)
  • Let it Jig, Let it Jig, Let it Jig (1999)
  • Thanks to Emma (1998)
  • Jiggin' at the OK Corral (1998)
  • Tamarack'r Down (1997)
  • 20 of my Favorites (1996)
  • Instrumentally Yours: Somethin' Different (1995)
  • Live From Calvin's Kitchen (1995)
  • Métis Old Time Dance Tunes (1995)
  • Red River Trails (1995)
  • Cracklin' Fire (1994)
  • Too Close For Comfort (1994)
  • Wild Alberta Rose (1993)
  • Cat Gut Boogie (1993)
  • New & Used (1989)
  • Fiddlin' Again (1984)
  • Red River Jig & Other Old Time Fiddle Favorites (1983)
  • The Reel Thing (1981)

And many more, including live sessions from the Emma Lake Fiddle Camp and recordings with other musicians.

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