Conlang/How to contribute

  • The phonetic notation in this book is CXS (Conlang X-SAMPA). (The choice of CXS was discussed in this talk thread.)
  • From anywhere in the book, you can link to an entry in the glossary with {{{{BOOKNAME}}/ref|<keyword>}} or {{{{BOOKNAME}}/ref|<keyword>|<label>}}.

You may contribute any linguistic knowledge you have, but

  • keep in mind this book is a tutorial for anyone wishing to create a language — which is a bit different from a tutorial on linguistics.
  • think about which level your knowledge belongs on. For example, the Beginner level tries to keep technical terms to a bare minimum, so if it can't be said without those, maybe it's at least Intermediate. Also keep in mind that because this is a conlanging book, technical linguistic knowledge is liable to go at a higher level here than it would in a linguistics book.

A high-quality module will be easy to understand while going in-depth, and will explain early and often how it could be used in a conlang. Examples are important, and detailed explanations are great things to have, without being redundant or droning on. So get out there and write some great modules!