Concurrent Engineering/Product Data Sheet

The mission of this wikibook is to create a living document that describes what concurrent engineering is and how it is useful. It is geared toward entry-level engineers in the work place. It is not intended to be a textbook. Rather, it is an intelligent guide to basic concepts of concurrent engineering plus references to sources of help and information.

Features include:

1. Verbal and visual representations of concurrent engineering, with attention to
   a. Product life cycle 
   b. Design for X
2. A collection of useful tools and concepts, clearly described
   a.	Team building
   b.  Communication systems
   c.	Product design concepts
3. A list of appropriate sources of information, with comments on their utility
   a.	Books
   b.	Web pages
   c.	Articles
   d.	Professional societies
   e.	University curricula
   f.	On-line training