Concurrent Engineering/Product Concept


• What is good and bad design
• Discussion of management structures
• Engineering software tools and uses
• Tools/guidelines for continuous improvement
• Problem solving tools
• Description of the design process
• GR & R: Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Process
• Setting Milestones
• Useful Tools
• Common Practices vice unique situations
• Description pages of terminology and acronyms
• I to L chart: step by step process
Cross functional team format
Building a concurrent team
Teams vs. groups
Citations of concurrent papers on concurrent design
Transfer technology
How to communicate among people speaking different languages
Customer needs
Management commitment
Project leaders (each discipline)
Managing a concurrent team
Roles and responsibilities of various functions in design/manufacturing/marketing processes
Uncluttered design layout
Table of Contents
Section summaries (before section)
Accurate Index
Concurrent design resources
Define the Intellectual Property issues w/ respect to Kanga
List of original contributors
Annotated Bibleography
Additional Resources (books, websites, people, video, photos)
Exec Summary
Disperse new information
Development Efficiency (less revision, debugging)
Online Access
Capability of updating references and research
Posted on Wikipedia? (allows for worldwide exposure and inputs)
Wiki (open source)
21st century delivery
record of evolution (what happens to old content when updated?)
Owner & person to submit additions or corrections to