Computers for Beginners/Office Programs

Office programs can accomplish many daily home office tasks, and are one of the most commonly used programs of average computer people.

There are several programs in the Microsoft Office suite, the most common being

  • Word, a word processor
  • Excel, a spreadsheet program
  • PowerPoint, a presentation program

Office suites are not made only by Microsoft. Some companies have taken their own stab at making these handy bundles of programming, and many have succeeded. If you don't want to shell out serious cash (hundreds of US dollars) for the latest version of Microsoft Office, you should take a look at LibreOffice, a free, open-source office suite which offers almost all the features of Microsoft Office and then some. Several online services like Google Workspace (Google Docs etc.) also let you create and edit office documents.

Once you learn how to use one office program, you can figure out the basics of the other ones without much effort.