Computers & Society/People

It is the people who make up the society. Here is a very small list of around 26 people who might be said to have contributed enormously to our modern world of Computers & Society.

By modern world we mean at least post 1990 up to the present 2008 and onwards. There is no doubt that people such as von Neumann, Turing, and so on were contributors to the discipline of Computer Science and thus directly and/or indirectly shapers of our modern Society. But they are not to be included. We want to list those who are still alive and contributing.

Each one listed here must have been significantly cited in this Wikibook and be still alive to qualify for inclusion.

Bjarne Stroustrup (computer scientist) (1950- )Edit

Tim Berners-Lee (computer scientist) (1955- )Edit

  • See his profile at W3C.
  • Nice to know he blogs.
  • Listed here for his seminal book „Weaving the Web : the original design and ultimate destiny of the World Wide Web by its inventor“, with Mark Fischetti. HarperCollins Publishers, New York, 2000. ISBN 006251587X (pbk.)

Robert Cailliau (computer scientist) (1947- )Edit

  • He has a personal website
  • There is a book on the beginnings of the WWW: „How the Web Was Born: The Story of the World Wide Web“, James Gillies, Robert Cailliau (Oxford Paperbacks, 2000) ISBN 0-19-286207-3.

Manuel Castells (sociologist) (1942- )Edit

  • See his profile at the University of California, Berkeley.
  • See his scientic work hosted in Catalonia, Spain.
  • Listed here for his seminal book „The Internet galaxy : reflections on the Internet, business, and society“, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2001. ISBN 0199241538, ISBN 0199255776 (pbk.).

John Naughton (networker) (19xx-)Edit

Nicholas Negroponte (architect) (computer scientist) (1943- )Edit

  • Listed here for One LapTop per Child, ...